List of Gotchas for VS2010 Upgrade

If you are considering switching your project over to using VS2010 but still targeting the 3.5 sp1 framework here is a list of things to be aware of.


  • Resharper 5.0 RTM’d last night, but the upgrade is $149 or $89 depending on what you have now* TD.NET 3.0 is a beta but it is working fine for me* WIX 3.5 is a beta and will make modifications to your .wixproj file* Could lead to build failures, have not had time to explorer yet

Solution & Proj Files:

  • Solution file changed only in that the version number on the first line is incremented to 11
  • You can change it to 10 and it will open fine in vs2008* If you want to use both vs2010 and vs2008 you will need two sln files* Normal DLL csproj projects have a few new nodes added but open and compile fine in vs2008* Web Project files have the same new nodes
  • The reference to Microsoft.WebApplication.targets msbuild file is changed to the vs2010 version
  • This change is most likely to support the new deployment stuff in 2010* Changing it back will cause vs2010 to prompt a migration again* This change causes my current build script to fail when performing a publish* The data base project file dbp appears to no longer be supported and is replaced by the dbproj file

At a minimum you will need to upgrade your build server to .net 4.0 and your team members will need to have it as well due to the web project file changes.