Adron Hall Visual Studio AWS Toolkit & SDK Presentation Video


During this presentation I will provide an overview of what is needed to get started using Visual Studio 2010 with the AWS Toolkit & SDK. We'll also cover the basic design ideas behind the do's and don'ts of cloud architecture and development. There will be some hands on coding (if you'd like to bring a laptop to follow along) and we will deploy code (wireless/cat5 connection pending) into AWS Cloud Services & get EC2 instances up and running live!

About Adron

I’m a jovial, sometimes TDD (Test Driven Development), sometimes BDD (Behavior Driven Development), get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, or what have you. I run the gamut of development stacks between the .NET Framework & Microsoft Technologies but will admit my latest favorite is Ruby on Rails and .NET MVC work with a touch of Sinatra’s clean architecture covered with an awesome layer of Javascript for tasty perfection. I love what I do and commonly add a very business oriented, get the job done, agile (sometimes eXtreme Agile, sometimes whatever it takes), and entrepreneurial effort to my work. I also like to mentor (teach), write (re: blog, etc), and even work on projects in addition to work related things.

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The source for this presentation can be found on Adron's github account.