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Dependency Could Not Be Resolved Error in Visual Studio 2015 RTM

22 Jul, 2015

Microsoft dropped the RTM (release to manufacturing) version of Visual Studio 2015 on Monday with great fanfare. I, like many other .NET developers, hopped on MSDN, downloaded their favorite flavor and installed it immediately. I was pretty happy to see that I could open my current project, compile and run without a single change to the solution or project files. There also appears to be a dramatic increase in performance of the text editors. Yay! Yesterday, I decided to play around with the shipped bits of ASP.NET vNext. Obviously still in beta phase, but I should be able to

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A Non-Trivial Example of MediatR Usage

04 Jun, 2015

I have been using Jimmy Bogard's MediatR library on my current project for the last few months. I first read about the project on his blog which has a series of posts including his explaination of the benefits of using the Mediator Pattern. I took the leap and gave the library a try. I was quickly impressed by how clean and simple my controllers become. Which makes them really simple to test. I fell into a pattern of seperating actions that change state in my system from queries of the current state, a CQRS lite kind of pattern. I also

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Help Support Pizza Klatch

02 Jun, 2015

UPDATE 2015-06-04: The voting period for this contest has ended. Grants to 40 great causes will be announced on 2015-6-16. Pizza Klatch was holding strong to the #14 slot when voting ended. Thanks for your support. If you did not get to participate in this event, but want to help support Pizza Klatch there is dontation information available from their site. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. I remember struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts as a teen, luckily for me I had a solid support group of friends and relatives

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Wiring Up Posh Git Using GitHub for Windows Installation

27 Mar, 2015

I have been using this method of wiring up posh git for a couple years now. And every time I have to setup a new box I have to go digging around to remember exactly how I set it up. So creating a post as a form of self documentation. First, install GitHub for Windows. Best option use a boxstarter script. Next best option, install it vai chocolatey with this command choco install githubforwindows. Worst case scenario, install it via the website. Next, ensure you have a PowerShell profile by running this command Test-path $profile. If that command returns false,

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The World's Simplest Dynamic Image Service

19 Jun, 2013

At Mombo Labs, my team has been striving for simplicity. Our mantra is "Do the simplest thing that could possibly work." This approach has us attempting to avoid complexity by refusing to address problems before they arise. This leads to some shockingly simple solutions to very complex problems. I'll give you an example by building up a dynamic image service addressing one concern at a time. You can see the code up on GitHub. There will also be links to specific tags in the following example, so you can pull the code and try it yourself. We had a need

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