My List of Useful Mac Software

So I have been living with my Mac Book Pro for a couple months now. I have purposely tried to use OSX for day to day things to force myself to get used to the OS. Here is a nice list of the applications that I have found useful so far.

This list is in no way targeted at long time Mac fans. Instead it is intended for newb/converts like me who are getting used to a whole new environment of software.

Quick Silver – Awesome tool for launching applications or finding documents. Simply hit Ctrl+Space and start typing what it is you want.. QuickSilver will display a list of items that match what you are typing. Once you have typed a set of letters and selected something QuickSilver will learn what you wanted and begin suggesting that thing faster… for example I can type Ctrl-Space, VM, Enter and launch VM Ware…. It’s a cool app.

Adium – Multi-Service messaging client very similar to Pigden. Can connect to MSN, ICQ, AOL, Facebook, GTalk, MySpace and many others.

Colloquy – Pretty straight forward IRC client if you are into that sort of thing.

Remote Desktop Mac – This combined with with VPN connection to work is awesome. There is pretty much nothing I can't do now with my Mac and a network connection.

Twitterrific – Simple twitter client if you are into that sort of thing.

MonoDevelop – Mono is the open source implementation of the .NET framework. MonoDevelop a IDE for developing using Mono. If you ever wondered what it would be like without Visual Studio here you go.

Skype – Skype…

VMWare Fusion – Virtual Machine goodness…

XCode – The free IDE for developing on the Mac. Want to make a IPhone app? Here you go. Objective C is fun… really it is…

_Bonus Tips: _ Be sure to enable Spaces via the Expose & Spaces menu. This lets you have the sliding desktop effect that I use all the time. A neat keyboard combo is Function+F8, this displays all your spaces on the screen and you can click one to go to that space. Expose is Function+F8 this will shrink all the windows on your screen and lay them out so that you can see them all. Then click the window you want and they all go back where they were with the one you selected in focus.

Bonus Bonus Tip: The World of Warcraft Mac client runs like a champ on my MBP. ;)