South Sound .NET Presents: Justin Bozonier on Decoupling with Message Oriented Object Design

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South Sound .NET Presents: Justin Bozonier on Decoupling with Message Oriented Object Design

08 Jun, 2010

The South Sound .NET User Group is proud to announce an evening with Justin Bozonier this coming Thursday night. The meeting will be held at our usual time of 7:00-9:00PM at the Olympia Center (222 Columbia NW, Rm 101).

Justin Bozonier has been working as a professional programmer since 2004 at companies such as Microsoft, LexisNexis, and currently at Milliman, one of the top actuarial consulting firms in the United States. Currently an Actuarial Systems Developer, he is also one of the founding members of Alt.NET Seattle. His current interests include Domain Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, Message Based Concurrency, Machine Learning and computer science in general.

Message Oriented Object Design (MOOD) is an object oriented design philosophy wherein we view objects as sending immutable messages/publishing events on channels. MOOD systems also rely on the configuration of object networks to enable collaboration between them. Perhaps most importantly, we achieve this not by using a new framework but just by changing how we look at and use our code.

Side Note: I have personally known Justin for a couple years now. Not only is he a brilliant developer with tons of talent, but his sheer enthusiasm for programming and life in general is infectious. You just can’t help but like the guy. Listening to him talk, will get you excited about programming and the endless possibilities it presents.

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