Installing .NET Core 1.0 on a Dirty OSX

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Installing .NET Core 1.0 on a Dirty OSX

27 Jun, 2016

Microsoft released .NET Core 1.0 today at Red Hat DevNation. At the time of release, I had Release Candidate 2 installed. These are the steps I took to install the full release version on my dirty environment.

Update Nuget

If you have nuget cli installed, check to see what version you are running.

nuget help  

check nuget version

This shows that I am currently running version To update to the current version, run update with the -self flag.

sudo nuget update -self  

update nuget

Clear Nuget Caches

You may also have a bunch of prerelease caches on your machine. To nuke them all from orbit, use the locals command to purge them.

nuget locals all -clear  

clear nuget caches

Nuke the RC2 Install

To insure we don't get some weird hybrid install, get rid of the currently installed CLI.

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/share/dotnet/  

Download & Install .NET Core CLI

You can now download the .NET Core CLI 1.0 PKG and install it. Once installed you can verify by running the dotnet command with the -v flag.

dotnet -v  


Start Programming

Now that you have your environment installed, start your first project.

mkdir hello_world  
cd hello_world  
dotnet new -t console  
dotnet restore  
dotnet run  

hello world

Now go forth and be awesome.

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