2019 Live Streaming Setup

Here is a nice linked list of my current Twitch.tv streaming setup to direct people to when they ask on stream.

2019 Live Streaming Setup

I started getting into living steaming on twitch.tv after watching Jeff Fritz and discovering that my team at Auth0 was interested in experimenting with it. Jeff has a great write up about his streaming setup here and updated here.

You can find my twitch channel here.

It is common for streamers to be asked what they are using to produce their stream. This post documents the hardware, software and services I am currently using.


This is a complete list of the hardware that can been seen on my desk while streaming. Some of these items were provided by work, some purchased for gaming in other contexts and a couple just for streaming.


This is a complete list of the audio equipment I have setup. Some of this was pre-existing and used for Guitar.


While streaming you will see me using or video, images, and sounds produced using the following software.


Currently I am using the following services to provide stream functionality.


Here is a list of developer twitch streams that I have found friendly, helpful and a great source of inspiration. If I am not currently streaming, I am probably hosting these folks.

Wrapping Up

This represents the hardware, software, services and folks I have taken inspiration from as of the 28th of January 2019. Of course I have a whole list of things I want to add to my setup. If things change with any significance, I will update.

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