Introducing the Team Awesome

I happen to be lucky enough to work with some of the best developers I have ever met. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to each of them and where you can read up on what they are passionate about.

Eric Ridgeway (@ang3lfir3) – Eric is a passionate open source advocate and is constantly harping about how awesome MongoDB would be for solving all our problems. One day we will listen to him and set up a RavenDB instance.

Adron Hall (@adronbh) – Adron is a seasoned agile-ista freshly transplanted from the thriving Portland tech scene. He is currently writing a book on Azure and is pumping out posts about all things in the cloud.

Jeff Schumacher (@codereflection) – Jeff is a workhorse of good practices. When he is not constantly delivering quality code that delights the business folks here at work, he is burning the midnight oil working for other small organizations helping them with their software needs and teaching his son the beauty of Ruby.

Mike Oshea (@oshea00) – Mr. Oshea is a hardcore math nerd and is currently writing calculator emulators for the Android in his free time. Seriously, did I mention math nerd?

Terry Huges (@TerryHuges) – Terry is the embodiment of lean development practices, always focused on the current task and delivery of new features just as they are needed. He can identify root problems and ruthlessly strip away all the noise and friction.

And the blogless Lane McLaughlin, Shiv Thankur, Sree Kollu, John Quach are worth a mention as well. They sometimes post brilliance on the Twitters.

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