Model-First Development with Entity Framework 4.0 (?)

How did they go from version 1.0 of Entity Framework directly to 4.0?

Anyway, here is a nice overview of the new model first story that Microsoft has baked into the new EF in Visual Studio 2010.

After having watched this I have upgraded my impression of EF from “Complete Garbage” to “Not Entirely Horrifying”.

The RAD editor gives me pause as that is a sure sign of generating garbage behind the scenes. Is it human readable/modifiable?

The original EDMX format was incredibly brittle and very anti-source control system friendly. Have they made improvements to that?

I’ll have to play with it this weekend and see what it is like to actually build a simple app with it.

It is nice to see that MS is listening and at least attempting to play catch up with nHibernate. Would be interesting to do a feature by feature comparison between the two.

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