.NET Fringe 2016 July 10th-12th PDX

.NET Fringe 2016 July 10th-12th PDX

After having not attending any .NET related conferences since ALT.NET faded away, last year I headed down to Portland to attend the inaugural .NET Fringe. Among others it was organized by my friends Troy and Adron, two people I have really come to trust for putting on quality conferences from Cascadia JS & Node PDX to Write the Docs.

.NET Fringe shares a common goal with the early ALT.NET community of putting open source software at the forefront of modern .NET development and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a .NET developer. Where it differs is in it's strong dedication to being open, inclusive and friendly to all comers. That first conf was a celebration of creativity, passion and community. I left reenergized and excited about .NET in a way that I had not been in several years.

This year .NET is on the brink of going multi-platform. A shift where we can easily take advantage of the greater open source ecosystem. A world where we are not bound to a fixed set tools that are provided to us. The Bazaar has infiltrated the Cathedral.

With .NET Core today, you can easily spin up a new project with your favorite text editor and publish it directly to Linux all without touching Visual Studio, IIS or Windows. With minimal effort that project can be brought into Visual Studio, IIS and Windows; you can have your cake and eat it too.

There is a lot of work ahead of us as a community. If you too are as excited about the possibilities the future holds, you need to be in Portland in July on the 10th-12th. Get your tickets now.

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