November 10th \ Michael Ibarra on How ASP.NET MVC3 Validation Makes Happy

A closer look at the newer server and client validation features in ASP.NET MVC3. We'll cover validation with DataAnnotations, writing your own custom validation attributes and unobtrusive client-side validation with jquery-validate, remote validation and self validating objects.

the presenter

Michael Ibarra has been writing software in the Seattle area for over ten years, using .NET technologies to deliver solutions for companies like Microsoft, PEMCO Insurance, Daptiv and Parametric Portfolio Associates. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Getty Images in Fremont.

Sorry this got out so late in the month, and I'm even sorrier that I'll be missing it.  Paul will be our leader for the evening and he'll have two copies of JavaScript: the good parts by Douglas Crockford to give away, as well as some other stuff.

at the meeting

We've got copies of development books to give away, t-shirts and swag available through door prizes.  We've also got some Pluralsight training to give away - one month subscriptions to their On-Demand! training library you can make use of when you have the time.  Check out their course offerings at

Find us on the web at, and on Facebook South Sound .NET User Group.

The meeting will be held at our usual time of 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Olympia Center (222 Columbia NW, Rm 101). Come and enjoy the presentation, networking opportunities with other developers and a chance to win a door prize.

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