Running Rails in IIS7 with IronRuby Rack

In all the excitement last week around visual studio 2010 being release, not many people realized that the first DLR language went 1.0 as well. Jimmy Schementi and the IronRuby team hit a major milestone and I for one am very excited by all the possibilities.

I have been giving presentations locally trying to get people interested in what Ruby in general and IronRuby in particular have to offer. At the last Seattle Code Camp I did a quick dog and pony show where the money shot was a Rails application running in IIS.

I wanted to break down exactly what it takes currently to make this happen. So here is a short fifteen minute screen cast showing you exactly how to get it done.

Running Rails on IIS7 with IronRack from Bobby Johnson on Vimeo.

I left one critical piece of information out of the video. Whatever user account your application pool is running under needs to have read permissions to your IronRuby directory. So if you run into problems, make sure your permissions are right.

Here is a gist of the web.config used in the video.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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