SSDNUG Presents: James Thigpen - Moar Cats Please: Software Development at Cheezburger

The South Sound .NET Users group is proud to present James Thigpen on Thursday Feburary 9th at 7:00PM at the Olympia Center in the heart of downtown Olympia, WA.

There is a lot of talk in an abstract sense about how agile software practices work. James is going to talk about how Cheezburger does agile with a remote team spread across the US and Europe. This isn't theory, this is how Cheezburger ships code every day. Expect to hear what has worked and what failed.

Cheezburger is heavily invested in TDD, Continuous Deployment, Automated Testing, Split Testing, agile/lean methodologies, and continuous improvement. They have doubled the size of their team in the past year and lived to tell the tale. Cheezburger usually ships code more than ten times a day without interrupting the 1.8 million daily active users visiting their sites and they have a lot of fun doing it.

James Thigpen is the Director of Engineering at Cheezburger Network, one of the largest online humor companies in the world. James has a deep passion for agile and lean software development practices. He has a wide variety of experience developing software and leading teams in industries such as municipal inventory, biomedical imaging, IT management, and online media.

If you missed the January meeting with Adron Hall, you can still catch it online.

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