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Windows Subsystem for Linux Error "Unable to resolve host ..."

13 Jul, 2016

While working with the new Windows Subsystem for Linux beta on Windows 10, I noticed that any time I ran a command with sudo I would get a long pause and the following error printed to the screen. sudo: unable to resolve host OPTIMISTPRIME The command would still run, but the pause would last for several seconds while this resolution failure happened. It appears that the hosts file located at /etc/hosts was missing an entry. I added the entry and the problem went away. Here is what it looks like now: Note the third line

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Running Ghost on Ubuntu on Windows

01 Jul, 2016

Enabling Ubuntu on Windows To enable the new Ubuntu in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition; you need to enable developer mode, turn the feature on and finally install Ubuntu on Windows via the Windows Store. Using Cortana's Search interface, search for use developer features and ensure Developer Mode is selected. A restart may be required after enabling, my base VM has this enabled already, so I am not sure. use developer features Next search for turn windows feature on and select the Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta) option. Enabling this feature will require a restart. turn windows feature on Finally, fire

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Installing .NET Core 1.0 on a Dirty OSX

27 Jun, 2016

Microsoft released .NET Core 1.0 today at Red Hat DevNation. At the time of release, I had Release Candidate 2 installed. These are the steps I took to install the full release version on my dirty environment. Update Nuget If you have nuget cli installed, check to see what version you are running. nuget help This shows that I am currently running version To update to the current version, run update with the -self flag. sudo nuget update -self Clear Nuget Caches You may also have a bunch of prerelease caches on your machine. To

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.NET Fringe 2016 July 10th-12th PDX

17 Jun, 2016

After having not attending any .NET related conferences since ALT.NET faded away, last year I headed down to Portland to attend the inaugural .NET Fringe. Among others it was organized by my friends Troy and Adron, two people I have really come to trust for putting on quality conferences from Cascadia JS & Node PDX to Write the Docs. .NET Fringe shares a common goal with the early ALT.NET community of putting open source software at the forefront of modern .NET development and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a .NET developer. Where it differs

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Azure Resource Manager IaaS via PowerShell

10 Jun, 2016

Recently, I have been working through the Managing Azure IaaS with PowerShell class by Elton Stoneman. This is hands down the best class I have taken on Azure. It gets right to the heart of becoming an Azure wizard with PowerShell. I highly recommend taking the class yourself. Below are my notes from the first module of the class for reference in the future. Setting Up Azure PowerShell To install the Azure Resource Manager PowerShell module you need to be using at least PowerShell 3 or above on a Windows based OS. You will also need PowerShellGet installed. This comes

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